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Saturday 2 May 2015

[Dual BBM]: Run Upto 10 Multiple BBM On Single Android Device

Hi Guys! this is not a new stuff, how you can use multiple Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on your Android Phone. Due to some request i will post it here for you to enjoy without wasting time. BBM3 is the secondary app of BBM which can be run on that same device bbm is installed on. This will allow you to operate two different BBM Account (PINs) on one device. In short, you can run up to 4 BBM on one device. But it all depends on what you are using them for.

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Why Do I Need This?

  • You need it if you like privacy
  • You need it if you run business and you want to have a separate bbm for your business without interrupting your personal profile.
  • If you are a website owner you need this to communicate with your viewer
  • etc.
  • Android 4.0 above
  • Make sure you have installed the original BBM on your phone. 


  • 1. Download BBM3 from this link
  • 2. Run and install it,
  • 3. Sign in or Create a new/different Blackberry ID (Recommended)
  • 4. Wait until it finishes and you will have 2 bbm running.
  • enjoy.
 How To Run 4-8 BBM On One Android
After you might have done the above step on having 2 bbm then you can have 4-8 or as many as you want bbm on one Android by following this procedure.
  • Use switch me multiple account to have different profile, check the tutorial Here
  • Then follow the above step to install BBM and BBM3 on each different account
  • enjoy.
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