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Friday 3 April 2015

4 Tips And Tricks Of Youtube Videos You Probably Don't Know

Youtube is not only the third most visited site in the world, but also the most popular video streaming site in the world. Youtube was purchased by Google some years back, which actually increase its popularity and worth.

Watching youtube video
Most business organizations, webmasters and bloggers have their own youtube profile for video tutorial about their products or for better explanation of their site or blog posts. Today, i will be sharing with you some tips and tricks of youtube you should know in case of necessity.

TRICK ONE: How To Resume YouTube Videos

Some will agree with me that there are times when you have to quit watching a video on youtube, probably, because your internet data bundle is getting low or you just have an important matter to attend to.
Now that you have refuel your internet bundle or got to an area with free WiFi or you have nothing else important to do, and you want to continue with your last video, you don't need to start from the beginning or start searching for where you are the last time as the trick below will solve the problem for you.


This is the best and the easiest method i have used, it works for those that have either Mozilla firefox or chrome or both installed on their device.

To make use of this trick, you need to have a video resumer plug-in installed on your browser.
If you make use of firefox, download video resumer plugin and chrome users should get the video resumer extension.
After successfully installing any of these plugins, play your desired youtube video.
Now to test if this is working, after like some seconds of watching the video, close the browser.
Fire up the browser and play the same video and it will resume from the last played time.


This method requires no add-on, plugin or extension, but it have something to do with copying of url which makes it somehow stressful.

Play your desired youtube video.
Anytime you wish to quit the video to do something else, right click on the video, click on the option that says "
Copy video URL at current time".
Save the copied url and that is the url you should open/reload anytime you wish to continue with the video.

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TRICK TWO: How To Stream YouTube Videos With VLC Player

As we are all aware of, VLC media player is among the best and the most popular media player with capability to play virtually all video format.

To watch any youtube video with VLC media player, open the video and copy the URL of the video from the address bar.
Fire up your VLC player and navigate to Media>>Stream>>Network or fire up VLC media player and combine ctrl + N to open up the network bar.
Paste the copied URL, click on play and the streaming will start.

Note: Copying of URL might be stressful for some people, but if you ever wish to watch video without advertisement or wish to take snapshot from videos, then using VLC is your best option.
For those using the latest version of VLC(2.1.5) on their 64-bits Pc, you might have problem using this trick because that version is still buggy and you might want to wait for a more stable version 2.1.5 if you are yet to update to it.

TRICK THREE: How To Watch Youtube Videos In Slow Motion

One man's food is another man's poison, some people like to watch videos in normal mode while some only enjoy their movies when it is in slow or fast motion, or may be they don't enjoy it but just need to learn a skills like dancing steps which can only be mastered well when the video is watched in slow motion.

To watch your youtube videos in slow or fast motion, follow any of these two method.


This method works perfectly on chrome and not on firefox or internet explorer because of the absent of speed option in the video playback settings.

Play any youtube video and at the lower right corner of the playback, locate settings icon and click on it.
Choose the speed option, select 0.5 for half playback and 0.25 for quarter playback. To view your video in fast motion, choose either 1 or 2 or click on normal to go back to the normal mode.
Then you can watch the video with the chosen speed.

This method is kind of easier and preferable to the first because it works or firefox and IE and not just on chrome like the first method.

Play any youtube video of your choice and copy the URL.
youtubeslow.com, paste the URL of the video.
In front of the URL, you will see a SLOW IT button, click on it.
Your video will load with a speed selection option, select the speed of your choice either slow or fast.

TRICK FOUR: How To Download Youtube Video To Your Android Phone.

Most folks find it difficult to download youtube video directly to their android mobile phone. well, here is a straight forward tutorial on how to download youtube video on your mobile using TUBEMATE APK to download.

Download Tubemate Apk For Andriod Here

Enjoy your video!!

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